Taxation Is A Curse On Civilization

No matter the number of residents who collude in public ceremony, there is no distinction between taking by tax and taking by theft.

What difference is there between stealing from your paycheck and commanding physical labor?
Just because you sit comfortably in an office or stand in a shop those hours stolen from your wages are time you cannot get back, or bargain for again.

If a local city commanded its residents to work for free in efforts of maintenance, such as road or park upkeep, the fury and protest would be resounding.

If the city demanded that residents came to city hall a few hours a month to clean and file, mop or just answer the phone, the outrage would be deafening.

Instead, we are commanded to turn over a portion of our income, hundreds of hours worked, combining to many billions of dollars, most before even seeing it, and instead of righteous indignation and defiance, we squabble over what luxury the city should subsidize and what inefficient services the city should offer without recourse, and how we should pay the people we empower to punish us for petty or imagined offenses.

Elections do not bestow the power of aristocracy on the elected, do not give them special knowledge or enhanced intelligence, nor does the will of 51 percent of election participants magically grant them power that they do not have individually.

Taxation is a curse on civilization, a remnant of primitive authority left over from a barbarous time when men and women were ruled under constant threat of violence.
Taxation is a curse that must be lifted.

When we consider ourselves so modern, so mature, governing ourselves with democracy, representatives, councils, commissioners and officials, consider, just consider, for a moment, what roots of our traditions still strangle our progress and if we can ever be truly free while we are still taxed.

We are Americans. We are Ohioans. Risk is our business. Freedom is our heritage.
If you are more afraid of how we might pay for roads then the damage done when stealing from your neighbor, I ask you, where is your compassion.

If something is worth doing, we will find a way to do it, if someone needs help, we will find a way to help them. We are more powerful together, committed with compassion than ever when compelled.
You cannot compel compliance and expect people to prosper. You cannot steal from your neighbor and not ferment resentment.

If you look around and feel that everyone is angry with everyone else all the time, think, just think, what injustice have you participated in, what we’re told by authority to just accept and pay no mind, what resentment is building and bubbling up?

We throw down the challenge of a new American Century, to embrace the next transformation for a free people, accept that our traditions of taxation are hindering our growth as a society, and throw off the shackles of authority thinking.

Taxation is theft.
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