We are ordering more copies of Judge Grey’s magnificent book for local candidates, and there is a kindle version if you need it sooner.


FTA/ More of a “must-do” book than a “how-to” book,¬†How to Win a Local Election¬†guides readers through the campaign process detailing what they need to accomplish along the way in order to be victorious. Here you will find information on planning and organizing a campaign; how to run as an independent candidate; the various roles of people in your compaign; campaign procedures and techniques; and how to use computers, the internet, and emails to both manipulate and disseminate data. The book also offers useful advice on issues from financial reporting to developing a campaign theme and strategy, how to win “one precinct at a time,” and even offers tips on such fundamental tasks as the creation and placement of yardsigns and billboards. /

Libertarians on Safeguarding the Environment

Private Property Rights: We advocate for strong property rights, enabling individuals to protect and manage natural resources responsibly, fostering environmental stewardship through ownership and accountability.

Market-Based Solutions: We support market mechanisms such as pollution pricing and tradable permits, encouraging innovation and efficiency in environmental conservation without government mandates.

Decentralization: We prefer decentralized approaches to environmental issues, empowering local communities and private initiatives to address conservation and sustainability based on local needs and preferences.

Voluntary Conservation: We promote voluntary efforts and initiatives to protect the environment, encouraging individuals, businesses, and communities to engage in conservation practices without government coercion.

Technological Innovation: We believe in the power of technological innovation to address environmental challenges, supporting research and development in clean technologies and sustainable practices.

Property Rights Enforcement: We advocate for strict enforcement of property rights against polluters and environmental offenders, ensuring that those who harm others’ property or natural resources are held accountable.

Education and Awareness: We emphasize education and public awareness on environmental issues, fostering a culture of responsibility and informed decision-making among individuals and businesses regarding their environmental impact.

Libertarians on Securing Liberty

Individual Rights: We prioritize protecting individual rights and freedoms, including free speech, privacy, and due process, ensuring government respects these fundamental liberties.

Civil Liberties: We defend civil liberties against government overreach, advocating for limits on surveillance, police powers, and infringements on personal autonomy.

Criminal Justice Reform: We promote reforms that emphasize rehabilitation, reduce incarceration rates, and uphold fair trials and equal treatment under the law.

Privacy Rights: We oppose unwarranted surveillance and data collection, advocating for strong privacy protections in the digital age to safeguard personal information.

Self Defense: We view the only legitimate use of force is in defense of individual rights against aggression. We affirm the right to bear arms as a fundamental individual right, opposing unnecessary restrictions or prosecution for exercising right of self-defense.

Free Speech: We defend freedom of expression, opposing censorship and advocating for robust protections that allow diverse viewpoints to flourish without government interference.

Equality Before the Law: We advocate for equal treatment under the law regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status, ensuring fairness and justice for all.

Libertarian Party on Economic Freedom

Individual Freedom: We believe in the right to engage in economic activities without excessive government interference, ensuring individuals can pursue work, business, and keep the rewards of their labor.

Limited Government Intervention: We advocate against regulations that stifle entrepreneurship and competition, preferring market mechanisms to allocate resources efficiently.

Free Market Principles: We support voluntary exchange and prices set by supply and demand, viewing free markets as superior to central planning for fostering prosperity and innovation.

Property Rights: We prioritize secure property rights, essential for investment, innovation, and responsible resource management, opposing government actions that undermine these rights.

Opposition to Crony Capitalism: We reject government favoritism towards specific industries or companies, advocating for a level playing field where success is based on merit, not political connections.

Taxation and Fiscal Policy: We advocate minimal taxation to fund essential government functions only, believing in simplifying tax systems and reducing the overall burden on individuals and businesses.

Personal Responsibility: We stress individual accountability in economic decisions, supporting voluntary charity and mutual aid over government welfare, encouraging self-reliance and community support.