Ohio Corruption in One Photo

PHOTO: Hamilton County prosecutor Paula Adams makes oral arguments to the Ohio Supreme Court, including recent co-counsel Justice Joseph Deter.

In the above photo former county prosecutor Joe Deter, now Ohio Supreme Court Justice, listens to his former co-counsel, Paula Adams, make arguments in a case they had tried together 2 years earlier in Hamilton County.
This is a blatant violation of the Ohio Code of Judicial Conduct.
This is corruption.
This is a rigged system.
The judge was the prosecutor, knows intimately the details of the prosecution and is entirely biased. No matter how Deter might rule his presence alone demands a mistrial.
Deter should recuse or be impeached for breach of ethics and conduct unbecoming a judicial member.

But we all know Mike DeWine will protect his corruption buddy and the spineless Ohio Democrats pine for that sweet, sweet corruption power someday. 🤬

h/t David Pepper, see tweet below and thread. 🧵

Tweet, David Pepper/ David Pepper
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UPDATE: Yesterday, I wrote about the blatant conflict of interest at the Ohio Supreme Court. It went viral.

Well, today that conflict played out.

And one simple photo captures it all.

It’s this one:


Tweet 🧵: https://x.com/DavidPepper/status/1755259271388836245?s=20

Tweet 🧵: https://x.com/DavidPepper/status/1755259271388836245?s=20