Watch Travis Irvine interview with NBC4i

Watch Travis Irvine interview with NBC4i
Watch Travis Irvine interview with NBC4i
Travis Irvine recently sat down with NBC4i to discuss pressing matters for the state of Ohio and its citizens.

When asked about voters that supported Dennis Kucinich in the Democratic primary and Mary Taylor in the Republican primary Irvine was candid about understanding their issues.

“Basically, both groups of voters are single-issue voters,” Irvine said. “With Dennis Kucinich, his numbers were higher in counties where the opioid crisis is ravaging communities and the reason he got higher numbers there is because he spoke about legalizing marijuana.”

The Libertarian Party has always supported the legalization of marijuana for all uses and many people believe that marijuana could be a way to wean those struggling with addiction off opioids.

Regarding supporters of Mary Taylor, Travis says it comes down to what people think of Mike DeWine.

“Mike DeWine is an old, establishment Republican, people don’t know where he stands on issues,” Irvine said. “People are looking for new options. The Libertarians offer people an outsider perspective into politics.”

You can watch the full interview.

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