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We need your help to get the Libertarian Party ballot access again in Ohio!
This not a commitment or anything to do with party affiliation, just a concerned Ohio citizen looking for more choice at the ballot box.
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What is “ballot access”?

“Ballot access” is the right to put a political party label under a candidate’s name on the ballot. Having ballot access also enables a party to hold a primary.

Please pledge to sign our Minor Party Ballot Access Petition and put more choice on the Ohio Ballot!

We will bring the petition to you!

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The law requires us to circulate petitions containing more than 55,000 valid signatures (with at least 500 each from eight of Ohio’s 16 Congressional Districts), and file them by August 2018 to allow our candidates to show the Libertarian label on the ballot. Because petition gathering usually results in a large number of invalid signatures, the state party will attempt to gather at least 110,000 signatures statewide.  The Libertarian Party of Ohio office will be open throughout this year to receive and validate signatures using a method proven successful in our effort to get our 2016 Presidential candidate Gary Johnson on the Ohio ballot as an independent. Volunteers are validating the signatures in a process so laborious that — to do the process correctly — it would take a full-time employee over a year and a halfto validate the petitions.