Libertarian Party on Immigration

The Libertarian Party platform on immigration is deeply rooted in principles of individual freedom, limited government, and the belief in the benefits of open markets and societies.

  1. Decentralization and Local Control: We advocate decentralization of immigration policy. States, local communities, and private organizations better understand their own needs and preferences, leading to more responsive and effective immigration policies.
  2. Individual Freedom: We uphold the right of individuals to move freely and live where we choose, within national borders or across them. We view immigration as an extension of individual liberty, the right to seek better opportunities for ourselves and our families.
  3. Free Markets and Economic Benefits: We recognize that immigration brings economic benefits, filling labor shortages and starting businesses. Open immigration allow businesses to hire the talent globally and consumers benefit from increased competition and innovation.
  4. Limited Government Intervention: We oppose govt intervention that restricts immigration, such as quotas, excessive border controls, or prohibitive bureaucratic hurdles. We advocate for minimal govt involvement in regulating who can enter or reside in a country.
  5. Pathways to Legal Status: We support clear and efficient pathways to legal residency and citizenship. We believe in the importance of rule of law and orderly processes, favoring reforms that facilitate legal immigration and the status of those already in the country.
  6. Humanitarian Considerations: We support compassionate treatment of asylum seekers and refugees, recognizing the right to seek safety and protection from persecution or violence. We advocate for fair and efficient assessment of asylum claims to provide assistance to those in need.

In essence, the Libertarian approach to immigration prioritizes individual liberty, economic freedom, and humanitarian considerations while advocating for limited government interference and decentralized decision-making. We seek to create a system that respects individual rights, maximizes economic opportunities, and upholds the principles of a free and open society.

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