Libertarian Party of Ohio Submits Petitions for Minor Party Status

Columbus, Ohio, July 2nd — The Franklin County Libertarian Party of Ohio proudly announces the submission of petitions to attain minor party status for the upcoming election cycle and beyond. This pivotal step demonstrates the party’s commitment to expanding voter choice and advocating for libertarian principles in Franklin County.

In accordance with state regulations, the Libertarian Party of Ohio has diligently collected and filed 88,000 petition signatures from registered voters across the state. These petitions are essential for the party’s bid to achieve official recognition as a minor party, enabling it to field candidates and participate fully in the electoral process.

“We are excited to have completed this crucial phase in our journey towards securing minor party status,” said Jonathan Cowan. “Submitting the minor party petitions represents a significant milestone for our party and reinforces our dedication to offering voters alternative political options that prioritize individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, and limited government.”

Achieving minor party status will allow the Franklin County Libertarian Party to bring forth a diverse slate of candidates who embody libertarian values and address the concerns of local communities. The party remains committed to promoting transparency, accountability, and effective governance through its participation in the democratic process.

As the petitions undergo review by each county Board of Elections, the Franklin County Libertarian Party continues to engage with residents, raise awareness about its platform, and prepare for the upcoming election season. The party encourages residents to learn more about its candidates, initiatives, and commitment to advancing principles of liberty and personal responsibility.

For more information about the Franklin County Libertarian Party of Ohio and its efforts to secure minor party status, please visit

Contact: Ken Holpp, Communications Director,

About the Franklin County Libertarian Party of Ohio: The Franklin County Libertarian Party of Ohio is dedicated to promoting individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, and limited government through its advocacy and electoral efforts. By seeking minor party status, the party aims to provide voters with additional choices and contribute to a more robust and diverse political landscape in Franklin County.

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