Libertarian Party on Economic Freedom

Individual Freedom: We believe in the right to engage in economic activities without excessive government interference, ensuring individuals can pursue work, business, and keep the rewards of their labor.

Limited Government Intervention: We advocate against regulations that stifle entrepreneurship and competition, preferring market mechanisms to allocate resources efficiently.

Free Market Principles: We support voluntary exchange and prices set by supply and demand, viewing free markets as superior to central planning for fostering prosperity and innovation.

Property Rights: We prioritize secure property rights, essential for investment, innovation, and responsible resource management, opposing government actions that undermine these rights.

Opposition to Crony Capitalism: We reject government favoritism towards specific industries or companies, advocating for a level playing field where success is based on merit, not political connections.

Taxation and Fiscal Policy: We advocate minimal taxation to fund essential government functions only, believing in simplifying tax systems and reducing the overall burden on individuals and businesses.

Personal Responsibility: We stress individual accountability in economic decisions, supporting voluntary charity and mutual aid over government welfare, encouraging self-reliance and community support.

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