Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose has clearly made campaigning in favor of Issue 1 a central plank in his platform for his US Senate race.

FTA/ In addition to pro-Issue 1 campaign events, LaRose challenged his opponents in the Republican race for U.S. Senate next year to donate to the campaign. LaRose called for Sen. Matt Dolan (R-Chagrin Falls) and Northeast Ohio car dealer Bernie Moreno to pony up $1 million each to the fight for Issue 1. Moreno’s campaign said he’s already given six figures to the campaign and offered to match LaRose’s donations dollar-for-dollar. LaRose’s campaign responded by saying he is not as wealthy as his opponents and has put “sweat equity” into the campaign by appearing at more than 60 pro-Issue 1 events. / 

From The Article: https://woub.org/2023/08/02/libertarian-party-of-ohio-secretary-of-states-pro-issue-1-stance-violates-hatch-act/

As many have observed this is a speech issue.

And here is the thing, the Ohio and US Constitutions place restrictions on _govt_ regarding speech, not residents. 

Frank LaRose is the Ohio Secretary of State. There are issues regarding the upcoming elections where Frank’s opinion has the force of law. Whether it’s spoken to staff, written in a memo to county Boards of Election, or posted to Twitter, his statements influence the levers of power he controls.

There is not a magic hat that Frank can take off that stops him from being the Ohio Secretary of State. He raised money from donors, ran for public office, gained a majority of votes for that election and swore an oath to uphold and defend the Ohio Constitution. This should not be a surprise to Frank.

Frank is literally Mr. Govt.

In the privacy of his home, or at private events, Frank is a private resident with freedom of speech.

In public, anywhere in public, even Twitter, and not just at his desk at 180 E Broad St, Frank is the Ohio Secretary of State, a walking extension of govt and he must abide by the restrictions that we have placed on govt, and, in some cases, he helped become law.

When Frank is campaigning for himself, to get elected to another office, he can say whatever he wants about himself, or his opponents. All other issues on a ballot are off the speaking list.

We didn’t make these rules, and we often opposed them when they were created, but Frank is no hero to break this rule, no modern scofflaw or dark knight. 

He comes across as just another corrupt politician showing us in public how they really act in private.

From The Article: https://woub.org/2023/08/02/libertarian-party-of-ohio-secretary-of-states-pro-issue-1-stance-violates-hatch-act/