Libertarian Party of Ohio Files Complaint Against Secretary of State Frank LaRose for Violating The Hatch Act

Libertarian Party of Ohio

Since 2013, Ohio Libertarians Have Known All Too Well That “Two Faced Frank” Will Do Whatever It Takes to Get Ahead


COLUMBUS, OHIO –– August 1, 2023 –– As the unprecedented, unnecessary and expensive special election approaches on August 8, the Libertarian Party of Ohio (LPO) still stands with over 200 other organizations against Issue 1. But now the LPO is taking things further by filing a complaint against one of Issue 1’s biggest proponents, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose.

On Monday, the LPO filed a formal complaint with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, saying that LaRose violated the federal Hatch Act as a public official by receiving federal funds for elections, while also using his office to affect an election. LaRose first earned the LPO’s scorn by voting for SB 193 when he was a state senator in 2013, which gutted minor parties’ ballot access.

“It’s clear that LaRose’s use of federal funds for elections and his support of Issue 1 place him in direct violation of the Hatch Act,” said notable ballot access attorney Mark Brown, who filed the complaint on behalf of the LPO. “By supporting Issue 1 as Ohio’s Secretary of State, his official actions will affect the result of an Ohio election and are not protected by the First Amendment.”

“For someone who is using Issue 1 to campaign for federal office, LaRose should probably be more familiar with federal laws while administering federal funds,” said LPO Communications Director and former Libertarian candidate for governor in 2018 Travis Irvine. “Libertarians have known all too well since 2013 that ‘Two Faced Frank’ will do whatever it takes to get ahead.”

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The Franklin County Libertarian Party of Ohio Executive Committee voted to approve joining this complaint and fully support this action.