The Franklin County chapter of the Libertarian Party of Ohio adopted a resolution of support for The Gahanna Foundation’s “Democracy Challenge 2023” public awareness campaign designed to boost registered voters and election participation in 15 cities in Franklin County.

Adopted unanimously on July 31, 2023 by the Franklin County Libertarian Party of Ohio, the resolution states:

“WHEREAS the right to vote is fundamental to our American Republic, and;

WHEREAS voter participation is essential for the fair and representative functioning of American government at all levels;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Franklin County Libertarian Party of Ohio recognizes the importance of voting in the preservation and strengthening of our constitutional republic, and commit to exercising our right to vote in all appropriate elections.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we encoruage all eligible citizens to register to vote, educate themselves on the issue and candidate, and make their voices heard at the polls at each election,

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that we support effort to make voting more accessible.”

Gahanna Foundation President John Michael Spinelli (TGF) said the endorsement from Ohio’s third largest political party is not political or partisan in any way, but a solid vote for the new and novel comprehensive, 3-year pilot campaign that plans its kick-off this year in Franklin County.  

Mr. Sweeney added, “The Democracy Challenge has a strong approach to encouraging Ohio voters to get involved. Using real numbers, sourced from the Board of Election gives everyone a chance to check where their communities stand and now a framework to improve.”

Spinelli notes that while “Americans have the right to vote, tens of millions chose not to exercise their hard-fought franchise to make their voices heard at all elections, from primary to special to General,” TGF hopes to expand “DC23” to more Ohio counties next year and sees a national future for it, too.

The Gahanna Foundation plans for a Statehouse media even to officially kick-off “DC23” in advance of the General Election on November 7th.  

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