Our Candidates

Libertarian candidates are on the front lines working for real change in our political system. They deserve your vote, your time, and your donations.

Candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor
Travis Irvine and J. Todd Grayson running for Governor and Lt. Governor. For more information, check out their website and Facebook page.

Candidate for State Auditor
Robert C. Coogan is running for Ohio State Auditor. For more information, check out his campaign website and Facebook page.

Candidate for Ohio Secretary of State
Dustin Nanna is running for Ohio Secretary of State. For more information, check out his Facebook page.

Candidate for US Congress
Jonathan Miller is running for the US House of Representatives for Ohio’s 15th Congressional District. For more information, check out his campaign website.

Candidates for State Congress
Daniel Woerner is running for the Ohio Senate for the 3rd District. Website information will be forthcoming.

Kryssi Wichers is running for the Ohio House for the 77th District. For more information, check out her campaign website and Facebook page.

Candidates Wanted for 2018

Now that the Libertarian Party has ballot access, you should consider a run for local office. Here are four reasons to consider running for office:

  1. Because Columbus is a very large city with a small at-large city council, the easiest race for a Columbus city resident to run for is … State Representative!
  2. You get valuable experience running a campaign.  It will also make you more valuable to the Party, since experienced campaign managers are hard to find.
  3. You will have technical support from Harold Thomas, an experienced political consultant, whose prime responsibility for the LPO is candidate recruitment and development.
  4. As former speaker of the U.S. House Tip O’Neill famously said, “all politics is local  Laws are usually written to be enforced at the local level.  Political campaigns are built on support at the local level like bricks in a wall.  This is where you’ll get your base of future donors and supporters.

Not a polished public speaker? We can fix that. Don’t know where to start? We can fix that, too. But if you have a passion for liberty and the desire to apply that passion to your city, village, township, or school board, you should definitely consider running for office.

Take a look at our 27-minute video “Candidate Quick Start Guide” to get a better idea of what is involved in running for political office. If you think this is for you, contact Harold to discuss it further.

The next step is to get on the our candidate list by going to the candidate information form on our website. See you on the campaign trail!