Elections Matter

November 6 is fast approaching.

After four years of hard work, thousands of volunteer hours, more than $250,000 in donations and over 102,000 signatures, The Libertarian Party is back on the ballot in Ohio.  Now we have to keep it on the ballot.  If, on November 6, Travis Irvine fails to get 3% of the Ohio vote, all of that will be lost and we will have to start all over again from scratch.


The Democrats and Republicans would love to see that happen and continue to put roadblocks in our way.  Irvine is currently being excluded from all Gubernatorial debates making it that much harder for the voters to hear his message.  Once again, it falls on us to help get that message out.

In Irvine For Ohio (IFO), we have a volunteer campaign team that all works full-time jobs and commits hundreds of hours (cumulative) so far to the campaign.

But we need more.

More volunteers to call and text potential voters.  More volunteers to get out and knock on peoples’ doors.  And more people to attend rallies.

And, of course, we need more donations.  Campaigns cost money, and while the Republicans and Democrats have huge war chests, we do not.

We need donations to run newspaper ads.  We need donations to run radio ads.  We need donations to run TV ads.
We’re down to the last few weeks and we need to finish strong.  While we hope to receive more than 3% of the vote that will only happen with lots of help.

We can’t let the last four years be for nothing.

If you are interested in donating time and money please see our Volunteer and Donation pages.

Ken Holpp, Communications Director, Franklin County Libertarian Party