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  • Worse Than You Think
     There is talk of another round of lockdowns for the Omicron variant and the winter weather, since Covid does seem to be seasonal, so it seems reasonable to give them an evaluation so far.  There have been a lot of other, more informed people than me talking about whether lockdowns have been effective (my understanding of the peer reviewed literature is that they have not been shown to have statistically significant positive effects), but not much talk about the costs. That seems weird to me, haven’t people been talking more about the overdose deaths, destruction of the economy, and so … Read more
  • A History Of “You have to do this to protect someone else”: Part 2
    A reader wrote this in response to last month's Opinion Piece:Mr. Lundstrom makes a few good points in his essay, but I wonder how many of us may never have been here if mandatory polio and tuberculosis vaccines had not been received by our parents.  I would bet that, if choice were left to individuals, those diseases would still be a worldwide scourge.  We still cannot get rid of polio and TB entirely, only because some pockets of the world population are not vaccinated.It's long been a Libertarian principle that one's freedom extends only to the point that it endangers … Read more
  • A History Of “You have to do this to protect someone else”:
    The national government is mandating vaccination with the justification, paraphrased: “you have to take this to protect someone else”. This is an argument that governments have used time and time again, and it’s worth seeing how it has been abused in the past. Just the US over the last century or so has had many instances of this abuse of power.  Eugenics: The same Supreme Court case that allowed for mandated vaccinations also allowed for forcibly sterilizing people who were criminals or simply not smart enough. The famous quote from it is “three generations of idiots is enough”, and the … Read more
  • What Was It All For?
    Some years ago there was a science fiction series called Babylon 5. As one of the many running storylines, one of the alien races called the Centauri invaded and occupied the homeworld of another alien race called the Narn.  In exchange for help from the former Narn ambassador in eliminating the insane Centauri Emperor, the Centauri ambassador promised to end the occupation of the Narn homeworld.As the Centauri were withdrawing, the Centauri ambassador's aide, one of the more sympathetic characters in the series, looked out a window to watch the Narn celebrations and said, "What was it all for?"On the eve … Read more
  • How You Can Change The Law
     It seems like everything and everyone has gotten more political over the past year.  Families and friends engaging in regular screaming matches about Washington.  But the funny thing about that?  You, me, and anyone you know personally (with rare exceptions) have almost no influence in what happens in Washington, and we are mostly ignoring the area where we do have lots of influence: our local governments.  The vast majority of people can’t name their mayor, much less their town council members.  Even less than that have ever been inside city hall, or their equivalent, and even less have been there … Read more
  • Opposition to State Power Evaporates Whenever There Is a “Crisis”
    Robert Higgs identified the Leviathan as an opportunistic beast, using crises—real or manufactured—to expand its realm, to slither its tentacles into the remaining halls where large amounts of liberty are found. Any national or international event can be spun into the need for more government, more interventions, and more intrusions of its slimy appendages.We have seen this time and time again, as the Leviathan strikes while the masses tremble. Somehow we are calmed by the sight of this powerful yet ugly serpentlike creature, believing that it is only grasping what it needs in order to protect us, and praying that … Read more
  • First, Do No Harm
    59 years ago a wonder drug swept Europe and the UK promising a restful sleep to anxious expectant mothers.  FTA-By 1960, Thalidomide was marketed in 46 countries, with sales nearly matching those of aspirin. Around this time, Australian obstetrician Dr. William McBride discovered that the drug also alleviated morning sickness. He started recommending this off-label use of the drug to his pregnant patients, setting a worldwide trend. Prescribing drugs for off-label purposes, or purposes other than those for which the drug was approved, is still a common practice in many countries today, including the U.S. In many cases, these off-label … Read more
  • Papers Please?
    The Vaccine passports are an Orwellian nightmare descending on America with the support of the same politicians and spokespeople who have lied to us hundreds of times before.  And the worst part?  Unlike the 2 weeks to flatten the curve that is still ongoing, or the corporate bailouts with under 10% of the money spent on relief checks, this policy would stay forever. America has a long history of this.  The TSA was supposed to only exist for a few years, the federal income tax was sold as only a 3% tax on the richest of Americans.  The NSA would … Read more
  • Back On The Treadmill
    We’ve got good news and we’ve got bad news. The bad news is the Libertarian Party of Ohio has lost ballot access… again. The November Presidential election did not provide the votes needed for Libertarians to retain our status as a minor party. The Ohio Secretary of State released guidance regarding our ballot access in response to a Libertarian Candidate in Hamilton County that does not favor us. What does this mean? Well, we’re back on the treadmill. We will need to collect ballot access petition signatures again to seek recognition for Minor Party Status. Based on the math we … Read more
    For last month’s newsletter, I submitted the first of a two part series.  The first part featured two trending concerns: the death of personal liberty and the death of money.  This second part of the series focuses on the third trending concern, the death of democracy.   To be blunt, the topic could just be called election fraud, because that’s what this article is about.  Without honest and reliable voting, democracy does not exist.  Election fraud has been a concern of all political parties for quite some time.  Democrats complained bitterly about the results of the 2000 election.  Legislation called the Help … Read more
    It’s time for Libertarians to be serious.  While libertarian philosophy has had some success, such as more realistic and rational drug laws and enforcement, there are three macro trends converging in 2021 that can take us far in the wrong direction.  It may take decades, or even lifetimes, to fix the damage. On the surface, personal liberty in the United States seems reasonably healthy, but there are termites in the foundation.  2021 is the year that foundation could crumble.  The problems have been going on for 20 years.  Most older libertarians are very aware of the damage to liberty that … Read more
  • Doing The “Right” Thing
    There is this myth that Americans refuse to "do the right thing" when presented with information about risk and consequences. This myth has been perpetuated by well intentioned politicians, medical celebrities and even prominent Libertarians, despite the long history and recent evidence to the contrary.  Let's look at the example of masks. Despite medical celebrities adamantly telling us not to wear masks in Feb and March, many Americans did so. Nationwide adoption of mask wearing went from 5% to 70% between March and May.  The New York Times reports mask compliance continues to be about 60%, nationwide, with many urban … Read more
  • Rally for Jo Jorgensen on Saturday, Oct 24th!
    Jo is coming to Columbus! Rally will begin at 6pm at LPO HQ and will be followed by an exclusive dinner with Jo, LPOs Congressional candidates, and major donors and volunteers. Facebook Event | Directions
  • FCLPO Endorsements for Ohio 2020 Election
    The Franklin County Libertarian Party of Ohio voted through their Central Committee to endorse candidates for the 2020 election. Robert Leist for OH Assembly Representative District 72 Kevin Kahn – Congress Ohio District 1 Steven Perkins – Congress District 4 Oscar Herrera – State Representative District 96 Brandon Lape – Congress District 7 Dyrone Smith – Council District 8 John Stewart – Congress District 12https://electjohnstewart.com Dr. Michael Fricke – Congress District 13
  • FCLPO Central Committee Candidate Endorsement
    The Franklin County Libertarian Party has an opportunity to endorse candidates in our backyard and across the state.Please be aware this is notice of special meeting for the Franklin County Libertarian Central Committee on Tuesday, Sept 22nd at 7pm.We are starting the process to endorse candidates at the county party level.Voting by email will be open _immediately_ and close at 8pm, Sept 22nd. You can vote by email or attend in person to vote during the meeting.We will be scheduling interview opportunities so all County Central Committee members can speak with the candidates and become informed. Feel free to send along questions … Read more
  • Good intentions are not enough, we must also have good outcomes.
    Right now, there are literally thousands of people protesting in the streets all over America about the daily harassment from hundreds of “good intention” laws that police use as excuses to force confrontations. Social distancing and mask mandates are just another example in a long line of well intended, but poorly conceived and inconsistently enforced policies that always come to harm the most vulnerable communities. Govt is always reluctant to give up power it can use for unearned influence, especially when it’s enforcement is arbitrary and subjective. As mask wearing loses popularity, and people see less actual benefit as well as … Read more
  • FCLPO Election Results
    The following individuals were successfully elected for the following roles. Central Committee Chair – John Stewart Vice Chair – Chad Harris Secretary – Michael Sweeney Treasurer – Jordan Bertke Executive Committee Chair – Christopher Gill Vice Chair – Drake Lundstrom Secretary – Ken Holpp Treasurer – Pat Hoffman At-LargeMichael SweeneyJohn Stewart Congratulations on a successful election and eyes on the future.
  • Learn about Chris Gill…
    Do you have any experience you feel would suit you to this role?  Libertarian since 2009. Ran as a Libertarian for state rep same year. I've been on the Franklin County Central and Executive committees, as well as the Ohio Central and Executive Committees at various times through 2016. I have been a delegate to the Libertarian National Convention since 2010, and severed as the Delegation Chair in 2016.I was in SC as a high school science teacher 2017-2019. I was active in the SCLP, although I was not an officer.
  • County Party Appointed Roles
    There are also roles that are open for appointment. Directors and coordinators are appointed by the Executive Committee Chair, with input from the full Executive Committee, but not requiring a full vote. These roles do not need to be members of the County Central Committee or even members of the Libertarian Party (it would just be preferred). Each of these roles has an important part to play in a functioning county party. Communications Director – Coordinate monthly email newsletter, update county party website, develop social media strategy with Social Media Coordinator. Finance Director – Coordinate fundraising and outreach, develop and executive strategy for … Read more
  • Learn about Drake Lundstrom
    Do you have any experience you feel would suit you to this role?  My name is Drake, and i am a relatively young libertarian at 24.  I have been involved with the liberty movement since 2014, and from 2014-2018, I was a member of a Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Cincinnati.  I spent 1 of those 4 years as treasurer, and 2 as president, and brought a club that was on the verge of collapse with roughly 4 remaining members to over 15 members regularly attending meetings, hosting the largest political debate on campus every semester, and with an email list of … Read more
  • Candidates for Central Committee and Executive Committee Roles
    What are the Organizing Roles for Party Committees? There are 4 roles open for the County Central Committee, and 7 roles open for the County Executive Committee. These roles are explained in the FCLPO By-Laws. Each of these roles has an important part to play in conducting party business. Central Committee role candidates Chair Michael Sweeney Vice Chair Chad Harris Secretary Drake Lundstrom Treasurer Zachary Williams Executive Committee role candidates Chair Christopher Gill Vice Chair Ken Holpp Drake Lundstrom Secretary Ken Holpp Treasurer Pat Hoffman At-Large Michael Sweeney John Stewart
  • Learn about Michael Sweeney
    Do you have any experience you feel would suit you to this role?  I have worked with the Franklin County Libertarians for the last 3 years, first as Vice Chair and then as Chair on the Executive Committee. I have also served on the Central Committee as Secretary. Would you share any details about your background, philosophy or interests that might appeal to your fellow County Central Committee members? My focus over the last three years has been on outreach, and growing our county party to better support local and state wide candidates for public office. Points of pride over … Read more
  • Learn about Ken Holpp
    Do you have any experience you feel would suit you to this role?  I've been the Executive Committee Secretary for the past several years and I'd like to think I've done a good job at it. Would you share any details about your background, philosophy or interests that might appeal to your fellow County Central Committee members? I attended OU where I got a degree in Journalism. My wife and I are both Libertarians and both lean towards the Anarchist end of the spectrum. 
  • Urgent Party Business – County Central Committee Organization Meeting
    In accordance with the By-Laws of the Franklin County Libertarian Party (FCLPO), the Constitution of the Libertarian Party of Ohio (LPO) and the Ohio Revised Code (ORC), the current County Central Committee members have scheduled our upcoming organizational meeting and County Convention for Saturday, May 30th, between 9am and 2pm, with possible party business as late as 5pm. Voting for Central Committee Roles In-Person Secret Ballot – 9am to 12pm, May 30th, 2020 at LPO Office Voting for Executive Committee Roles In-Person Secret Ballot – 9am to 12pm, May 30th, 2020 at LPO Office Election Tally – 1pm, May 30th, 2020 … Read more
  • DeWine “safety working” groups favor campaign donors
    "Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program."- Milton Friedman It sounds reasonable at first. Create "working groups" to gather experts in different industries, such as restaurants, salons, and gyms, to form customized plans that best protect workers and customers. Sounds good? Right? The problem is, these are all heavily regulated businesses, some with hundreds of hours of required training and safety requirements. Each of these businesses are licensed by the state in multiple different ways, each held hostage at this time by an arbitrary and unlawful designation as "non-essential" from the Ohio Department of Health and Ohio Governor, … Read more